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Sign up here to win 1 of 20 $20 Gift Cards and 1 Grand Prize Winner will score a $100 Gift Card! https://app2.sweeppea.com/w_forms/index.php?f=2efe295d421c5fc1dabfc726a08e363a&sk=PARADISE You never know when a medical emergency will arise. But when it does, time and access to world-class patient care can mean everything. That’s why an AirMedCare Network membership (AMCN) is so important. If you or your family have a medical emergency, their alliance of affiliated air ambulance helicopters and airplanes can provide medical transport, dramatically reducing travel time to an emergency treatment facility. More and more, insurance fails to cover the full cost of a medical emergency, leaving families with out-of-pocket expenses they didn’t expect. 3 million+ AirMedCare Network members can take comfort in the knowledge that, should they experience a medical emergency, there will be no out-of-pocket expenses if flown by an AMCN provider. This is perfect for mountain climbers, hikers, extreme sports athletes, travelers, parents and anyone who wants peace of mind.